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Welcome to the blog, Valerie. It’s always a pleasure to talk to another Regency author. So, here goes… Wow! I have just read the prologue to Betrayal and now I can’t wait to read more, but I wanted to come to this interview in ignorance, if you like. To find out more about Valerie Holmes. … Continue reading CHATTING WITH VALERIE HOLMES

A Blast from the Past

and probably why you’ll usually find my heroines atop a horse at some stage or another I was looking through some old photos when this one came up from many years ago and reminded me, as if I needed reminding, how much I used to love to ride. I’ve tried to explain in the past … Continue reading A Blast from the Past

Tea Time with Elaine Everest

So here we are again, Elaine, five months since we last met for tea and another book for us to talk about. And what a book it is! I thought you’d lost the power to surprise me but in giving us Ruby’s story you’ve crafted an immaculately written novel in A Mother Forever, bearing in … Continue reading Tea Time with Elaine Everest