Natalie Kleinman is the author of historical and contemporary romantic fiction


Hello and welcome to my website where the drop down menu will lead you to my books, links and a sign-up page to my newsletter. There’s also the blog where I spend a fair amount of time chatting to other authors, often over virtual tea and cake. Well they don’t let us out much you know.

I mostly write romantic novels set in the Regency era. Having loved reading books in the genre for as long as I can remember, it was a given that one day I’d have to try it myself. While I still really enjoy writing contemporary fiction, and the majority of my short stories are modern-ish, I’m at most content when immersing myself in the fashions and excitement, the glittering balls, the feisty heroines and the dashing heroes of that bygone age. All made up of course but so satisfying. And so romantic.

I live in the southeast corner of London but with modern technology I can be with you in an instant without catching the stage or travelling across poor roads in a coach and four. And all those stops along the way at inns where, heaven forefend, it’s possible to imagine that the sheets have not been aired! Oh my!

Or you could come here. Leave your horse behind and join me at the click of a button. I’m always ready to talk.

Hope to see you soon